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A native son of Chicago, Paul was born in Berwyn and grew up in Brookfield and then Arlington Heights. Paul is self-taught musically, learning the ins-and-outs of myriad instruments starting at age 13 and patterning his style after his heroes Alex Lifeson of Rush and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. 

Paul played in a few rock bands while growing up - before turning to the solitude of composing..."The Skins," "David and Paul," and bar scene favorites "The Dangerous Joe's" before marriage and fatherhood caught up with him. After kids, to keep a connection to his music interest, he formed a family band "Punching Rubber" which featured his daughter on clarinet/sax and his son on guitar, all the while periodically jotting down song ideas in his private little notebook.  

Paul currently resides with his family in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.

American Dream - The Album


P R E S S     R E L E A S E

Paul Christian’s “American Dream” is a Record Album You Will Love for The Rest of Your Life

CHICAGO, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - - Please join us in celebrating the 2018 Debut Album release “American Dream” by Chicago songwriter Paul Christian. As you’ll soon learn to know and love, Paul has the writing chops to make serious contributions into AAA, Heartland, Acoustic Rock, Contemporary Country, Americana, Roots, straight-ahead Rock ’n’ Roll...and he can even get all-up-in-your-Beatle-esque memory cells. 

At the center of Paul’s various genre leanings (besides his Breedlove Guitars) is a pure songwriter; a clear and convincing storyteller: a 100% dyed-in-the-wool natural talent just aching to become one of YOUR favorites. Each track on “American Dream” represents a special milepost along Paul’s songwriting highway that will fill you with emotion. If you’re like us, you’ll fall in love with your head and your heart. Well, at least the ears on your head and your heart. We know he’ll win yours because he won ours. 

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to record and release my secret little notebook full of song and lyric ideas. It’s amazing to think that the vision for this release was sparked by a conversation over a few beers at a very cold early April 2018 Chicago Cubs game,” commented newly-signed songwriter Paul Christian.

Count the team at Salvatori Productions very pleased to partner with Paul in bringing his debut album “American Dream” rightly to a worldwide audience. 

“Learning about Paul’s hidden songwriting talent through a wide ranging and colorful conversation sitting in the Terrace Boxes in the 3rd inning of a Cubs game is a serious testament to my naïve listening skills,” added Tom Salvatori, partner at Independent Record Label and Publisher Salvatori Productions. “It would have been easy to pass off Paul’s interest in music as amateur ramblings but curiosity and digging into his portfolio over the next few weeks revealed a treasure trove of music.” 

So, a chance meeting leading to a serendipitous musical discovery is on. Enjoy Paul Christian one great song at a time...errr...dare we say one epic song at a time? Do the lyrics in “Crazy Debbie” earn their stripes? You be the judge...enjoy listening!


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