Paul Christian 

A native son of Chicago, Paul was born in Berwyn and grew up in Brookfield and then Arlington Heights. Paul is self-taught musically, learning the ins-and-outs of myriad instruments starting at age 13 and patterning his style after his heroes Alex Lifeson of Rush and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. 

Paul played in a few rock bands while growing up - before turning to the solitude of composing..."The Skins," "David and Paul," and bar scene favorites "The Dangerous Joe's" before marriage and fatherhood caught up with him. After kids, to keep a connection to his music interest, he formed a family band "Punching Rubber" which featured his daughter on clarinet/sax and his son on guitar, all the while periodically jotting down song ideas in his private little notebook. 

Paul currently resides with his family in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.