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...recently released his the latest studio effort from singer-songwriter Paul Christian titled "That's Everything." On this new album, Paul took on the role of singer, guitarist, drummer and bassist, making this a unique, fully solo effort. He kicks off his new thirteen song release with the acoustic-strumming, country-pop vibe of the title-song "That's Everything," before shifting gears for the raw, edgy rock-style of "Just A Dream." He draws similarities to the late-great Leon Russell on soulful rock tracks like "Memphis Tonight" and "The Boy," while revisiting his quieter side with the folk tale of "The Best Day Of My Life" and the heartfelt "My Little One." Paul Christian keeps you guessing which direction his music will go, as he places the sound of alternative rock of "Bicycle Messenger" along side the country rocker "Worn Answers," as he puts everything out for you to enjoy. To find out more about Paul Christian and his latest release "That's Everything," please visit 

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That's Everything CD review:

On what has fast become one of my favorite albums of this year, it opens with the melodic sing-along vibe of the title track 'That's Everything' and backs that up sweetly with the late-'60s rocker 'Just a Dream,' the mid-tempo angst of 'Nobody's Listening,' the laid back '70s rock of 'Memphis Tonight,' and then we get the REM-esque 'It Comes from Us All.' 

Next up is the one-two, early-'90s alt-rock bounce of 'Waiting for My Turn' which is followed by lonesome lamenting of a passed loved one within 'The Best Day of My Life, and then a little They Might be Giants homage is found within 'Bicycle Messenger.' 

The hauntingly expansive storytelling of 'The Boy' is up next and then we get a little more REM vibe with 'Speak Now,' with the album rounding out on the buoyant duo of 'Worn Answers' and 'Untamed,' closing on the tambourine-imbibed, gentle rocker about the raising of a child, 'My Little One.' 



PAUL CHRISTIAN, That's Everything: 

An established guitarist and composer known for his impeccable instrumental approach to neoclassical / avant-prog guitar music, Tom Salvatori is also the owner of his Salvatori Productions music label. Expanding on his label’s repertoire, Tom moves into the pop-rock market with the 2020 album release of That’s Everything, his second release by Chicago-based singer-songwriter Paul Christian. Back in the late 1960s, early ‘70s, the singer-songwriter sound was all the rage and in the spirit of country-rock legends like Buffalo Springfield and Poco, Paul Christian’s music defies genre. Mixing folk, rock and country to great effect, That’s Everything is a do-it-yourself album in the truest sense of the word. Speaking about Paul Christian, the album’s co-producer Tom Salvatori tells mwe3, “Besides being a great songwriter, Paul is a multi-instrumentalist… he performed on all instruments (guitars, bass, drums, keyboards) and as a result, we gave him co-producer credit as well. The only guest appearance on the album is Julie Chatman who performs the female vocal part on track 4 - "Memphis Tonight.” Through the wonders of modern-day studio music magic, Paul sounds like a one-man band and on several of the tracks, he even gets to show off his formidable electric lead guitar chops, case in point being track 9, “The Boy”. Most of these tracks have a deep in thought kind of singer-songwriter approach that ranges from influences such as early 1970s legacy artists Richie Furay and Harry Chapin to modern day vocalists like Marshall Crenshaw and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. Featuring memorable songs and first-rate musicianship, That’s Everything strikes a wonderful musical balance and in doing so creates an impressive collection of folk-meets-rock sounds. 

Robert Silverstein, January, 2021 
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Blending a distinctly Midwestern strain of Americana with power pop melodicism, Paul Christian is a singer/songwriter based in the Chicago area. Despite playing in bands in his younger years, he didn't make his solo debut until later in life, pouring decades of quality songwriting into 2018's American Dream and his 2020 follow-up, That's Everything. 

Born in Berwyn, Illinois, Christian bounced around various parts of Chicagoland in his youth, growing up in suburbs like Brookfield and Arlington Heights. As a rock-obsessed teenager, he began teaching himself guitar and other instruments, learning the ropes from '70s titans like Led Zeppelin and Rush. Like many talented musicians, stints in a handful of local rock bands and a knack for crafty songwriting eventually took a back seat to marriage and family. Over the years, Christian continued to nurture his craft in private, keeping a healthy notebook of song ideas and growing as a writer. By the time his kids were grown, he'd built up a significant backlog of songs that slotted somewhere between rugged Americana, folk-rock, and classic Beatlesque guitar pop. In 2018, with the help of Illinois-based label and publishing company Salvatori Productions, Christian released his debut album, American Dream, to a strong reception. Building on his momentum and with plenty of new songs to spare, he followed it two years later with That's Everything.

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